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Veritas Reserve

One of the first things I realized when I started studying wine in a structured and formal way is that there is always more to explore and learn about wine. New vintages are released, different wine laws are passed, new wine regions are recognized – and the list goes on and on. While my aim is to make these blog posts informative and useful, there will inevitably be much more to learn about many of the topics I discuss. That’s where “Veritas Reserve” comes in.

A wine designated by the winemaker as “reserve” is usually the most special wine of the vintage: produced in a smaller lot with the finest grapes of the harvest. “Veritas Reserve” is our version: the opportunity for in-depth and personalized education about a wine topic of interest to you.

You will learn quite a bit about wine and the world surrounding it reading this blog, and in many entries you’ll see specific mention of “Veritas Reserve.” But there is always more to learn, so contact us today to uncork your own Veritas Reserve!

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